An international theatre project for people from all over the world living in Berlin

There is a lot of talk about Europe. Isn´t Europe a club that stands for peace, freedom and openess, but that faces some trouble these days? A club that many want to join but cannot – whilst others drop out? But what exactly is Europe really? And what is it not? What is it all about – and what can we do?

Let´s go together and find out – we invite young adventurers, visionaries, dreamers, pragmatics and wandering stars from all over the world. We invite everyone who is curious about the others out there. Let´s join and make up our own story, with all our different ideas.

BAZAAR EUROPE is a theatre project by and for young people from Europe and beyond living in Berlin. Together we will research, discuss, rehearse, tell stories, write songs and maybe sing them, have open-air-picnics and much more.

The project is about our views on Europe as home country, as a destination of flight, a place of desire, amyth, a fortress, a place in crisis. The „BAZAAR“ in this context represents a utopian, mysterious and most likely endangered place, where our stories, experiences, opinions, wishes, fears and hopes can be exchanged freely.

Project period: May – Nov. 2017      Newcomers are welcome after the kick-off! Just send us a mail.

Rehearsal Day: Monday 6 pm- 8.30 pm

Location: Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung (Garden), Ratiborstrasse 14a, 10999 Berlin (no rain, open air), or:

Gemeinderäume Christuskirche, Dieffenbachstrasse 39, 10967 Berlin (rain)


The Project is structured in two phases:

1.BarCamp-Phase: May-July

Research, discussions, team-building, brainstorming, actions& acting classes. During this perions we will meet every week for open workshops, everyone interested is welcome to join and every kind of input well be accepted. Each workshop will have a special topic and will produce an outcome.

Mid July-End of august: summer break.

2. Hands-On-Phase: September-November

Rehearsals, Buildng props, preparing for the Stage. Now we will seriously put things together and rehears intensively for our final performances. Rehearsals: Monday 6 pm -8.30pm. From October on also Thursday 6 pm-8.30 pm.

Age: 16-26
Project management&direction: Christine Dissmann


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